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Supreme Court Rules That Retailers Must Collect Sales TaxCivilized Civics Club1  0  6/21/2018
A Brand New Howdy to Anyone and EveryoneOF21  0  6/20/2018
President's Zero Tolerance Family Separation Policy Deepens Dangers for GOP CandidatesCivilized Civics Club2  0  6/20/2018
Solo, A Star Wars Story Review, Limited SpoilersTelevision/Movies6  0  6/6/2018
Court Punts on Colorado Bakery CaseCivilized Civics Club7  0  6/6/2018
spiritual maturityChristianity2  0  6/5/2018
chet with meEngland29  1  5/17/2018
Supreme Court Hands Down 3 Major Decisions TodayCivilized Civics Club6  0  5/14/2018
What are you listening to right now?Rock & Pop Music4  0  5/14/2018
Cohen and Hannity and Stormy, Oh MyCivilized Civics Club5  0  4/16/2018
Syria Strikes, Cohen Raid, Daniels Affair all Roil Trump AdministrationCivilized Civics Club5  0  4/14/2018
check in if you're here?OF265  8  3/20/2018
A New 2017 Edition of Turn ons and Turn offs.OF2113  15  3/15/2018
IFF was never part of FF, they brought them here when they closed down IFF!!Chatology18  0  3/13/2018
Group Chat Room AvailableOmaha Friends36  0  3/12/2018
Most Fun Thing You've Done the Past 6 MonthsOF25  0  3/11/2018
SeriesTelevision/Movies52  1  2/24/2018
'black panther'Television/Movies12  1  2/22/2018
'black panther'Television/Movies5  0  2/22/2018
I recollect my IFF ID- Kanya and earlier some thing funny rsahjyFF Friends Reunion11  1  2/15/2018
Old IFF/ FF MEMBERS.FF Friends Reunion122  8  2/13/2018
New Scandal Envelopes White HouseCivilized Civics Club6  0  2/11/2018
Westworld Season I A Review (Limited Spoilers)Television/Movies67  10  2/11/2018
Saying Goodbye to LynneyOmaha Friends11  0  2/10/2018
What a concept Congress Passes Something Through Bi-Partisan CompromiseCivilized Civics Club3  0  2/9/2018
Only Hookup Better Than Tinder And CLdating29  0  2/4/2018
Only Hookup Better Than Tinder And CLFriends, Dating and Fun5  0  2/4/2018
Only Hookup Better Than Tinder And CLWellness, Health, and Dating3  0  2/4/2018
Only Hookup Better Than Tinder And CLLocal Dating11  0  2/4/2018
Only Hookup Better Than Tinder And CLStateline hookup board6  0  2/4/2018
Time Once Again for Brucey's (mis) Picks for the NFL PlayoffsOmaha Friends13  3  2/4/2018
Republicans Shut Down Their Own Government, Blame DemocratsCivilized Civics Club33  3  1/22/2018
Love it or Leave it?OF246  5  1/21/2018
i'am Shybabei'am Shybabe29  1  1/14/2018
Bannon Immolates His Career With Tell All BookCivilized Civics Club8  1  1/9/2018
What is the Most Important Human Right?Civilized Civics Club26  2  1/5/2018
2017 This or ThatOF254  7  1/5/2018
Favorite Binge Watch SeriesTelevision/Movies35  3  1/5/2018
lol Hey Rob, I got Firefly and Serenity for ChristmasTelevision/Movies2  0  12/25/2017
The Last Jedi A Review with Limited SpoilersTelevision/Movies10  2  12/20/2017
Lol, Child Predator or Democrat, Alabamians Choose TonightCivilized Civics Club8  1  12/13/2017
What is Your Favorite Color.............OF221  2  12/4/2017
Nearly 70F in December. Seriously?Civilized Civics Club3  0  12/3/2017
Can Any Form of Gun Control Ever Pass?Civilized Civics Club0  0  11/23/2017
happy Thanksgiving to AllOmaha Friends1  0  11/23/2017
Will Bama Pick a Child Chaser or a Democrat?Civilized Civics Club3  0  11/22/2017
What Makes a person act the way they do?Circle of Life2  0  10/3/2017
Priebus says, "May I please have another, sir"Civilized Civics Club14  2  7/29/2017
Could Trump Be Impeached and ConvictedCivilized Civics Club10  0  6/16/2017[View All]

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