Wild Nude Body Painted Party Girls.  

utfrangrl 44F  
12943 posts
6/14/2018 6:58 am
Wild Nude Body Painted Party Girls.

It was a wild AFF Naughty Community. group swinger party night. The girls got their nude bodies painted with naughty words. Then they came out from the back room and the swing party was on. You can only imagine what took place at this group party this night. I can only tell you that there was a whole lot of fondling, licking, touching, eating and fucking going on this night. I know some of you males and females would of joined in to if you had been there.

horndogger1957 60M
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6/14/2018 7:00 am

Damn, I would be all over that!! Makes my tongue tingle, mmmmm

utfrangrl replies on 6/14/2018 7:09 am:
It was a wild party night and friends were are over and in the girls this night.

fun2have01 43M
19 posts
6/14/2018 7:10 am

mmmm like it

utfrangrl replies on 6/14/2018 7:30 am:
Wit a cock you have the girls would of loved it to.

intertops1 47M
44 posts
6/14/2018 7:37 am

one more beautiful than the other want them all

dn2fku2 45M
19 posts
6/14/2018 7:45 am

Those are some beautiful party girl pics.

I would DEFINITELY follow all of those instructions...

Paulxx001 61M  
3010 posts
6/14/2018 9:11 am

Well... That certainly looks like a fun and sexy group!

Words are like meat loaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.

swngriders 47M/45F  
1381 posts
6/14/2018 9:22 am

we had one hot horny blast at the group party. The girls were amazingly awesome.

Greyhawk47 48M

6/14/2018 1:53 pm

Now that is a party I’d love to go to

wantaplay8 65M
4675 posts
6/14/2018 4:12 pm

I do read the instructions and then I follow what the instructions to the letter!
Sounds like a very fun party Fran; I would have enjoyed that evening too.

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